About The Journey

While living and travelling in Korea in 2009, news that I was Canadian was often met with excitement. It seemed that every Korean living in Korea either has been to Vancouver or Toronto, wants to go to Vancouver or Toronto, or has a friend/relative who has been to/currently is in Vancouver or Toronto.

My new Korean friends would often want to know more about Vancouver or Toronto, or share their experiences with me and/or compare their experiences in Canada with my own. However, I had never lived anywhere near Vancouver or Toronto, or even Montreal for that matter. In fact, I had lived in Alberta for my entire life.

I felt some sense of shame for knowing so little about this great country in which I was fortunate enough to live, and so I developed an ambitious plan to see/experience the country first through travel, and second through living and/or working in each of Canada's ten provinces and three territories.

This blog, "Once, Twice, Three Times A Canadian", will document the first stage of my quest to understand the essence of what it means to be Canadian, in which I travel across Canada roughly three times by bus, train, and plane.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I enjoyed having them.

- David Murray